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  • PLS-100

Polarized Light Source

  • Large polarization extinction ratio, up to 45 dB (typ.)
  • High output power >0dBm
  • Excellent power stability <0.1dB/h
  • Wavelength range 1310 ± 20 nm or 1550 ± 20 nm
PLS 100


The PLS-100 is a light source with well defined polarization. It features stable, high output power while maintaining a high polarization extinction ratio (PER) of 45 dB (typ.). Combining PLS-100 and PEM-340 (Polarization Extinction Ratio Meter) provides an optimized system for PER measurement of polarization maintaining (PM) fiber optic devices in both R&D and production environments.

High PER
PER up to 45 dB
High Power Stability
Output power > 0 dBm and Stability of < 0.1dB over 1 hour
Adjustable Polarization Axis
Output polarization adjustable between 0 and 180 degrees

Specification Sheet

Parameter Specification
Wavelength Range (nm) 1310±20 or 1550±20
Polarization Extinction Ratio (dB) 40 (45 typ.)
PER Stability (dB) ± 0.5 (± 0.1 typ.)
Output Power (dBm) 0 (+3 typ.)
Power Stability (dB) ± 0.1 (±0.05 typ.)
Power Variation by Changing Angle (dB) ± 0.2
Linewidth (nm) >20
Optical Connector FC or SC
Polarized Axis Adjustment Coarse (deg) 180
Polarized Axis Adjustment Fine (deg) 2
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