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  • WSL-110

Compact and Robust Tunable Laser

The Wavelength Selectable Laser, WSL-110, is a compact and cost effective tunable laser source.  Designed for use in fiber optic transmission testing, the WSL-110 can also be used for DWDM component evaluation and coherent communications testing. C-band or L-band lasers are available, each covering a 38 nm tuning range. The WSL-110 features gridless tuning, allowing any wavelength to be accessed. An integrated wavelength locker ensures high wavelength accuracy and stability. This laser can be controlled either through the front panel or by using a GPIB interface, allowing full remote control and measurement automation.

WSL 110
Wide Operating Ranges and Spectrums
Large Tuning Range

38 nm tuning range in C-band or L-band with output power > +15 dBm

Multiple Ports

1 or 2 ports per unit

Gridless Wavelength Tuning

Any wavelength in the range can be accessed

High Wavelength Accuracy

Integrated wavelength locker ensures accuracy and linewidth < 100kHz

Features and Characteristics

  • C-band or L-band tuning with high resolution, settable to any wavelength
  • Fine tuning available with 1 MHz resolution
  • Narrow linewidth < 100 kHz
  • High output power >+ 15 dBm
  • Integrated wavelength locker (high wavelength accuracy and stability)

Typical Data

Wavelength Accuracy


Wavelength Stability @ 24 Hours



  • Fiber optic transmission testing
  • DWDM component testing
  • Coherent communications / Local oscillator
  • Optical amplifier testing

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